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- The need for sustainable biofuels

The European Union is strongly dependent on fossil fuels for its transport needs and is a net importer of crude oil. At the same time, concerns are increasing about climate change and the potential economic and political impact of peak oil production. To address these issues, meet 2020 targets for renewable energy sources in transport, radically cut GHG emissions and reduce dependency on fossil fuels the EU has adopted measures to encourage the production and use of sustainable biofuels.

- The need for investment in advanced biofuels and bioenergy demonstration and deployment

Different bio-energy pathways are at various stages of maturity. For many, the most pressing need is to demonstrate the technology at the appropriate scale – pilot plants, pre-commercial demonstration or full industrial scale. Up to 30 such plants will be needed across Europe to take full account of differing geographical and climate conditions and logistical constraints. A longer term research programme will support the development of a sustainable bio-energy industry beyond 2020."

The proposal on development of low-carbon energy technologies (2009) indicates that the total public and private investment needed in Europe [for sustainable bioenergy demonstration] over the next 10 years is estimated as €9 bn. By 2020, the contribution to the EU energy mix from cost-competitive bio-energy used in accordance with the sustainability criteria of the new RES directive could be at least 14%. More than 200000 local jobs could be created (see European Industrial Bioenergy Initiative below).

The SET Plan builds upon the major proposals outlined in the Vision Report (April 2006) of The Biofuels Research Advisory Council (BIOFRAC) (April 2006), which presented a long-term view on how to overcome the technical and non-technical barriers for biofuel deployment in the European Union and worldwide.

- Mission of the European Biofuels Technology Platform

In 2012, it is estimated that biofuels consumed in the EU 27, account for around 4.5 % of road transport fuels.

Production needs to increase rapidly if Member States are to achieve the target of 5.75% by 2010, as set in the European Biofuels Directive (2003). Subsequent concerns about the impact of some first generation biofuels caused several Member States to reduce these targets pending further research on sustainability issues and the wider availability of advanced biofuels.

To help address these concerns and enable the EU27 to increase their market share of biofuels to 10% by 2020 (including a significant proportion of advanced biofuels) the European Biofuels Technolgy Platform (EBTP) aims to contribute to the development of cost-competitive world-class biofuels value chains and the creation of a healthy biofuels industry, and to accelerate the sustainable deployment of biofuels in the European Union, through a process of guidance, prioritisation and promotion of research, technology development and demonstration.


The objective of EBTP-SABS is to provide support to actions directed at biofuel stakeholders and the general public.

This includes monitoring the biofuels sector and providing information on biofuels and on recent trends and developments to the biofuels community, as well as facilitating discussion between various groups of stakeholders on hot topics, and providing overviews and summaries on stakeholder views to the working groups of EBTP.
The European Biofuels Technology Platform actively engages with biofuels stakeholders (researchers, academia, civil societies, industry), EC-funded research projects and initiatives, related European TPs and global biofuels organsiations in a wide range of activites relevant to the R&D of sustainable advanced biofuels in Europe:
The EBTP as a platform consists of companies and stakeholders dedicated to the research, demonstration and market implementation of advanced biofuels (commonly referred to as second or third generation biofuels) but also to the improvement of already commercial biofuel value chains.

Policy makers will be supported via fact-based information regarding the debate around biofuels, technological developments, market development and deployment activities such as the set-up, commissioning and operation of pilot and demonstration facilities, and surrounding research. The goal is to enable fact-based decision making to build reliable and lasting political and legal frameworks.

The biofuel community will be supported regarding innovation, deployment and market uptake of advanced biofuels. The primary aim is to support the European Industrial Bioenergy Initiative (EIBI) implementation under the SET-Plan and subsequent actions to facilitate the rapid development of demonstration and flagship activities, as well as longer term R&D in line with an updated Strategic Research Agenda and Deployment Plan for biofuels in Europe.

The general public will be informed about how advanced biofuels deployment will contribute to "greener" transport, thus creating a better understanding and higher acceptance of these fuels – a key instrument to reducing greenhouse gas emissions in the transport sector.

To support that aim, EBTP-SABS will support the EBTP with it public presence. Information will be science and fact-based. Knowledge creation or at least accumulation is essential in relation to all objectives previously mentioned. Scientifically correct, unbiased information will serve the debate between all biofuel stakeholders: researchers, policy makers, technology providers, fuel distributors, investors, etc. Each month, thousands of stakeholders visit the EBTP website, showing that there is huge interest in this type of information.

The information will be provided at several levels of detail: general information to support those entering the biofuels community as well as the general public, more details to support the development of research or deployment activities, and links to research projects, demonstration facilities, reports, stakeholders and training courses to support those who actively seek to implement biofuels technologies.
European Biofuels Technology Platform

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